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Feb 20th - Mar 20th



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Headcannon: the scout's love of baseball is because it's the only memory he has for his dad


The last time he saw his dad was when he took him to his first baseball game. His dad dropped him off on the way home, saying he, “Had some business on the other side of town to finish.” And told Scout he’d be right back. He never came home again.

Scout from then on worked as hard as he could to get on his school’s baseball team and to get as good as was physically possible for him. He wanted to make his dad proud.

Imagine scout trying to warn spy for danger but yells dad by accident



"Dammit!" Scout yelled in a high-pitched voice that normally would have embarrassed him, but now he was just focused on the cold, hard fear and adrenaline running through every bone in his body. "Move it, Deutschbag!" He yelled again. A few minutes prior, Scout, Medic, Heavy, Demoman, and Spy had organized a charge into the enemy base for the intel, but now Heavy was dead and Demoman was so far ahead they’d lost each other, and Spy was God-knows-where. 

Fortunately, Medic and Scout were the two quickest and together they dodges and navigated the base fairly quickly, keenly aware of the Soldier right on their heels. A fork in the building began rapidly approaching and Medic gripped his syringe gun tighter and looked to Scout.

"Left or right?" 

"Uh… Left- I mean right!" Scout hesitated. He hadn’t taken this way in, and he honestly didn’t know how to get out. Medic took the right with Scout running directly next to him and they both stopped short. Scout’s blood ran cold.

He’d chosen the wrong way. It was a dead end. 

Him and Medic were out of ammo in a dead end with a Soldier just fifteen feet behind them, and getting closer. “Sorry, I-” Scout started before the Soldier burst into the room, victorious smirk already in place. Right as he was about to utter some insult and blow them to bits, he fell to the floor, his hand clutching at some invisible force.

Spy quickly appeared next to the body and straightened his tie. Scout and Medic both looked down in pure shock, high on the familiar feeling of their adrenaline running down. “Danke.” Medic muttered.

Scout saw it before anyone else. Pyro rounding the corner. “Dad, look out!” He yelled and Spy instinctively ducked. Scout shot right over him and killed the Pyro. When Spy straightened up, he had a funny look on his face. 

"What?" Scout asked.

"Scout, did you just call me… Dad?”

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  • white girl:

    i dont like this abandoned insane asylum, zack.

  • white boy:

    come on, amanda, 10 years ago tonight, the famous blood skull killer committed his last murder right here and then vanished.

  • white girl:

    you're just trying to scare me.

  • white boy:


  • they continue walking for a few seconds

  • *white couple hears noise*

  • white girl:

    babe what that??

  • white boy:

    i'll go investigate

  • *leaves her alone*

  • *choking noises*

  • white girl:


  • white boy:

    ha ha just kidding!

  • white girl:


  • white boy:

    im just playin babe

  • white girl:

    that wasnt funny but ur still cute

  • *playful kiss*

  • *things turn sexy*

  • *hear noise*

  • white boy:

    i'll go investigate

  • *he leaves and then there's a silence for a long time*

  • *maybe a thud*

  • white girl:

    zack! this isnt funny anymore zack!

  • *she walks and he dead*

  • white girl:


  • *killer shows up with sickle or quirky weapon that distinguishes him from other horror movie villains*

  • white girl:


  • *white girl runs*

  • *dead end*

  • *hides*

  • *thinks she free n safe*

  • *guy catches her*

  • *cuts her*

  • *she dead*

  • opening title slashes across screen: